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Mailing notice for paperwork: please allow extra weeks, in addition to UKC processing time, due to nationwide postal service delays. United Kennel Club UKC is an international dog registry celebrating bonds, rewarding ability, and preserving the value of a pedigree.

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Breeders and judges have the responsibility to avoid any conditions or exaggerations that are detrimental to the health, welfare, essence and soundness of this breed, and must take the responsibility to see that these are not perpetuated.

The Vizsla was developed in Hungary. Written descriptions and drawings that depict dogs similar in type to the Vizsla can be found in documents dating as far back as the 14th Century. Dogs of this type became extremely useful as hunting dogs and by the end of the 19th Century they were successfully competing in organized competitions for pointing dogs in Hungary.

The Vizsla is a medium-sized, short-coated hunting dog, with a distinguished appearance and bearing, and a docked tail. They are rather lightly built, but robust. The coat is an attractive golden rust. This is a dog of power and drive in the field, yet is a tractable and affectionate companion in the home. Field-conditioned coats, as well as a brawny or sinewy muscular condition, and honorable scars, indicating a working hunting dog, are never to be penalized.

The Vizsla is a natural hunter endowed with a good nose and an above average trainability. Although they are lively, gentle mannered, demonstrably affectionate and sensitive, they are also fearless and possessed of a well-developed protective instinct. The square, deep muzzle tapers gradually from the stop to the tip of the nose.

In profile, the muzzle foreface is of equal length to, or slightly shorter than, the skull. Whiskers serve a useful purpose; and their removal is not permitted. The jaws are strong. The lips completely cover the jaws, and are never loose or pendulous. The eyes are medium in size, and medium in depth of setting. The surrounding tissue covers the whites of the eyes. Eye color blends with coat color. The lower lids are neither entropic nor ectropic, as these conditions are not conducive to the best interests of a hunting dog.

The nose is brown, with any other color considered faulty with the exception of black, which is a disqualification. The nostrils are slightly open. The thin, silky, proportionately long ears have rounded leather ends. They are set fairly low and hang close to the cheeks. The moderately long, strong, smooth, clean, muscular neck is arched and broadens nicely into moderately laid-back shoulders. This type of neck and set of shoulders balances the moderately-angulated hindquarters.

The muscular forelegs are straight. The elbows are close. Dewclaws are to be removed from the forelegs. The strong body is well-proportioned, slightly longer than tall when measured from breastbone to buttocks and withers to ground. The moderately broad, deep chest reaches to the elbows.Hand fed Sun Conure looking for a new friend. Molly is a wonderful, very loving, and gentle dog carrying the liver and parti genes.

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The Impact. Health Guarantee. We are located in a small town in beautiful Southeast Minnesota. Our son started to show for 4-H and the rest is history.Not all breeders are responsible and reputable; not all breeders are quality breeders. Choosing a Breeder. Responsible Breeding. Puppy Buyer Beware Guide. Puppy Buyer Etiquette. We urge you to download our Puppy Buyer Beware document in addition to carefully reading what follows here. There is a growing number of Vizsla backyard breeders BYBs out there all too happy to produce and sell puppies, sometimes for exorbitan t prices, and usually with no or bogus health checks on their breeding stock with contracts that aren't worth the paper on which they are written.

Don't screen homes to ensure you are the right fit for a Vizsla. Will often simply ask you which puppy you want without doing any kind of match or fit between the dog's temperament and you. Usually won't want to take their dogs back if there are issues, even if they say they will. Sometimes don't register their puppies at all or may register them with the United Kennel Club which is not a purebreed dog registry.

Only registration with the Canadian Kennel Club will certify that your puppy is a purebred Vizsla. Don't provide any follow-up and checks to see how your pup's doing once your payment is made and you've left with your puppy.

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Don't belong to breed clubs that have codes of conduct for their breeders. If they say they are a member of a breed club, contact that club to confirm! Some don't even identify themselves by the name; instead, they may go under a business or kennel name.

Aren't generally known to reputable Vizsla breeders who have been around for years. Responsible Vizsla breeders will do the following:. See the Resources page for copies of the breed standards. Optional testing includes sebaceous adenitis, von Willebrand's Disease, congenital cardiac disease and elbow dysplasia. These health records may also be found on the OFA website.Originally bred to retrieve, Vizslas need to be really active and will love playing games of fetch with a dog-friendly toy!

Hungarian Vizslas are sociable and friendly dogs who can make great family pets, but unfortunately like many purebred dogs, they are prone to certain conditions.

If you are thinking of buying a Hungarian Vizsla puppymake sure the parents of your puppy have had the relevant health screening to reduce the chances of your puppy being affected by certain conditions. If you want to minimise the risk of your dog getting problems, you can read our advice on choosing a pedigree dog.

If left to their own devices, they could get bored and take out their frustration on your furniture and belongings. Your dog is likely to make noise and this will depend on their individual personality and training. Some owners say Vizslas are fairly quiet, but others say they like the sound of their own voice.

Hungarian Vizslas respond really well to positive, reward-based training from an early age because they are so eager to please their owners. Hungarian Vizslas are social and friendly dogs so as long as you socialise your Vizsla from a young age with lots of people, dogs and experiences they will grow into happy and confident adults.

Vizslas form strong bonds with their owners and love human company so often suffer with separation anxiety if left alone. Ideally, your Vizsla will need someone around all day to keep them company. If left alone they can develop negative behaviour due to stress. Your Hungarian Vizsla will need a minimum of two hours exercise every day. This needs to be split into several walks with lots of time to run around off-lead in a secure area.

They have a keen sense of smell so make sure your Vizsla gets at least one long walk a day somewhere interesting they can have a good sniff. On top of their two hours, your Vizsla will need lots to keep their brain active such as training and fun puzzle games. They are very agile dogs so often do well at canine sports such as agility.

Vizslas are known for being big water lovers, so remember to stay safe if you decide to take them for a swim. Vizslas are really low maintenance when it comes to grooming.

Where to buy a vizsla with a good pedigree in zambia?

Thanks to their short fur, a weekly brush should be enough to keep their coat looking nice and shiny. They do tend to shed like any other dog although most owners find they can keep on top of hair around the home with a regular hoover. Hungarian Vizslas are very people orientated dogs who love company. Because of their playful nature, they get along really well with older children they can play with.

Always supervise your dog with children and vulnerable adults. Vizslas are very sociable by nature. As long as your Hungarian Vizsla has been socialised well from a young agethey should get along fine with other dogs. They may get along OK with a cat they have grown up with, but you should always supervise your Hungarian Vizsla with other animals in the home. Your vet will be able to tell you how much your Hungarian Vizsla should be eating. You should feed them a good quality, commercially available, complete dog food.

We usually recommend splitting their daily allowance into two meals. If you give your dog the occasional treat or use treats for training, remember to take this into account and reduce their daily allowance. Try to feed your dog at similar times every day as they like routine. Remember to leave a gap between eating and exercising.

Beware unusually cheap puppies as they could come from a puppy farm.Upcoming Litters. I have a blog filling up quickly with training articles, training videos, and product reviews. You can go to Red Dog Lady to learn more about training. It is one of the continental breeds of hunter, pointer, retrievers. It's primary use in the U. It will hunt any fur or feather game that it has been trained to find.

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This is where the term "versatile" comes from. The Vizsla, German Shorthair Pointer, German Wirehair Pointer, Weimaraner, and others are some of the versatile hunting dogs because they are capable of hunting both fur and feather on land and water. The Vizsla was rumored to be developed by the Magyars over one thousand years ago. Today's Vizsla retains many of the original breed traits, thanks to the selective process the Hungarian kennel masters used in its recreation.

Some of those traits include the versatility to hunt all types of fur and feather game while still being a devoted house companion at the same time. There is not as large of a division between the "show Vizsla" and the "field Vizsla" that you see in almost every other breed in the sporting group. Yes, there is some division, but most Vizsla breeders today have worked very diligently to maintain the duality and versatility of the breed through carefully planned breeding programs.

The pedigree of a well bred Vizsla should contain both Field and Show titles. The general appearance of a Vizsla is that of a medium-sized short-coated hunting dog of distinguished appearance and bearing.

Robust, but rather lightly built; the coat is of an attractive solid golden rust. This is a dog of drive and power in the field yet a tractable and affectionate companion in the home. Everything about the Vizsla's appearance should be strong, smooth, lean and muscular, giving the impression of regal bearing.

The ideal size for adult male Vizslas is between 22 and 24 inches at the highest point over the shoulder blades. Females should be between 21 and 23 inches. The Vizsla's temperament should be lively, gentle-mannered, demonstrably affectionate and sensitive though fearless with a well developed protective instinct.

Vizslas are a very high energy breed with a very high intelligence. This can turn to destruction if he is not given a "job" and adequate daily exercise.

Some of the different activities that Vizslas participate in besides hunting and lounging around the house are field trials, hunting tests, conformation showobedience, agility, tracking, search and rescue, therapy dogs, assistance dogs, and flyball.

You can see how adaptable the Vizsla truly is just by these areas of participation. If you are interested in purchasing a Vizsla, it is of the utmost importance that you go through a reputable breeder.

Pet shop puppies lack the proper socialization to become a healthy lifelong companion. The Back Yard Breeder may be well-intentioned, or they may be breeding strictly for the money. Reputable breeders can have one litter or several litters per year, and what divides them from the others is the amount of time, energy, money, and sweat they have invested in their breeding program.

Just because a puppy comes with AKC papers doesn't mean it is a great dog or that it shoul d be bred. It only means that both of the puppy's parents were pure bred dogs. I will provide and individual application for Field Dog Stub Book registration upon request. You need to understand that the Vizsla's temperament and intelligence come from the "field side" of it's pedigree.Interested in a Vizsla?

Understanding Pedigrees and WHY you should care about healthy, proven, well-cared for pedigrees Let's start with simply understanding why you should care about about a pup's healthy, proven, well-cared for pedigree. A common misperception is that the frequently used term "from Champion bloodlines" in advertisements by irresponsible people who breed dogs means the pup they're selling is from a nurtured pedigree it usually isn't!

Another common misconception is that a proven pedigree is just a list of a bunch of fancy show dogs. You've decided all you want is a pet the most important job for any dog! You don't want to do any of that stuff with your Vizsla--you just want a companion to take on hikes, play fetch with, take mountain biking, etc. You should care because you want a Vizsla that is healthy, easy to train, of sound temperament, of sound structure, and pretty to look at instead of one of those crazy, spooky, neurotic Vizslas!

These are the very reasons you're attracted to the breed in the first place. You saw someone out with their Vizsla and thought, "Wow! That's a pretty dog. The dog had a jovial, happy, energetic way. Sadly, because of irresponsible people who should not be breeding dogs, not all Vizslas are "created" equal. This is why you want your Vizsla pup to come from a nurtured pedigree. If the pup comes from a pedigree filled with proven dogs, it should be of higher quality.

In turn, they breed only those they believe will make positive contributions They also breed much less often and are NOT the ones making lots of money breeding.

The ones who are making lots of money breeding dogs are the the puppy-millers and high-volume producers. They put very little time and resources into the dogs they breed and they usually breed a lot. Always ask a breeder how many litters they produce per year of all the breeds the have! It will quickly become clear they've learned how to supplement their incomes by breeding without regard to the overall betterment of the breed or interest in fostering lifelong relationships with those they sell their pups to.

Maintaining these relationships allows a responsible breeder to track the long term health, temperaments, natural abilities, etc of the pups they've produced which, in turn, allows them to improve their breeding program thus, improving the breed overall.

Now to confuse you even more, we're going to address the backyard breeders and why you shouldn't get a Vizsla from them. These are often inexperienced people who have a couple of dogs from unproven pedigrees. They decide to dabble in "breeding" without understanding the health issues that could arise because they have no knowledge of the pedigrees of the dogs they plan to breed. In addition, they don't know how to raise a well-socialized litter or how to screen for homes that understand the dedication one must have to raise a Vizsla.

Backyard breeders often mean well, they just don't understand the work and resources that should go into a breeding. Nor do they prove their dogs in any venues to determine if the dog's have genes that will positively impact the breed overall. Backyard breeders do just as much damage to the breed's long term health because they often produce dogs with health problems or place them in homes that aren't prepared for Vizsla. These "breeders" lose contact with the homes and when things go wrong with the dog, it gets dumped at a shelter or turned over to rescue.

Please read " Traits of a Responsible Breeder vs. You also need to keep in mind that you are NOT buying an appliance when you "buy" a dog. You shouldn't be shopping around for the cheapest deal you can find.

That isn't how getting a well-bred dog works. The "cheapest" pup you find will consistently come from an irresponsible "breeder" who hasn't taken care of their dogs the way a responsible breeder takes care of their dogs.

Likewise, a lot of irresponsible people who breed dogs have done enough homework to know how much responsible breeders are selling their pups for.

Many of the irresponsible ones will price their pups similar to the prices of a responsible breeder BUT they haven't spent resources doing the additional health tests and often none at all! Pups that come from irresponsible "breeders" are the ones to end up in shelters or rescue organizations. The "pretty dog" test is an easy one to do yourself. Go to a local dog show and watch the Vizslas competing search the Onfrio Dog Show website for a show near you.This information is a must read for anyone who is considering adopting a Vizsla into their home.

This supports the process and experiences Please see ………… Blog when placing our puppies into loving homes. I wanted to reach as many people as possible and have kept the layout and format that was used on Facebook to promote what we think is a very informative with great links to additional information on the breed. Your breeder should be trimming the puppies nails for the welfare of the bitch and you should continue this practice to help with biomechanics as your puppy grows into adulthood and old age.

Check to see that there are puppy packs and a supply of food, details of worming when and what with. Make sure you can get the same food as your breeder to keep continuity until your puppy has settled. Tell your vet that you have a new arrival and arrange a visit within the terms of your puppy contract, usually within days after arrival home.

Check vaccinations are compatible if your breeders vet has given the first vaccination to make sure your vet can continue.

Your puppy should have breeder insurance cover for weeks; ensure your chosen insurance is in place before your breeder cover ends. Bring your puppy home! Remember your puppy should be at least 8 weeks old! Thinking of owning a Vizsla? We can offer you advice and support to help you decide if the Vizsla is for you.

Remember they are a working gundog and need plenty of mental and physical exercise. Learn about the history of the Vizsla, the UK breed standard, and things to consider when acquiring your Vizsla. You can also ask to meet adult dogs before you get smitten by the charms of a cute puppy. Its History Read the History of the breed here. The Vizsla Health website is a must visit and save for any vizsla owner. Here you can learn about health issues for which the breed sadly has a disposition too as well as a search for VIP affected dogs pedigrees.

The Vizsladatabase allows extensive searches for individual dogs, siblings and offspring, some health test results are also included. KC registered litter A KC registered litter allows you to check and verify that the sire father and dam mother have had the required health testing carried out and to verify the results you have been given are correct.

All too often you see unregistered puppies for sale, we strongly advise against buying an unregistered puppy! There are a number of reasons why this may be the case, most of which relate to the health and welfare of the mother, father and puppies.

Examples include:. Sadly we are seeing more vizsla crossed with other breeds. They are often marketed very skilfully so do your research carefully. If you do happen to come across them and are tempted, please learn about both breeds before making up your mind.

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Is there any good reason to cross our wonderful breed, the Hungarian Vizsla? The answer must be a resounding NO. An ancient HPR with so much history, highly valued in its country of Origin reduced to the latest fashion accessory by crossing it with whatever breed you have to hand, then adding to the insult by thinking up a ridiculous name and selling these unregistered pups for rather a lot of money!

The Vizsla, like other purebred HPR, has unique characteristics and traits, you know what to expect when you arrive home with your puppy, but what of the cross? The cross will usually be with another large breed and most of these could potentially suffer with Hip Dysplasia. Crosses do suffer genetic diseases, that is fact! There are no health tests for breeding crossbreeds. No information is available for this page. Displaying of dogs.

name, sire, dam, sex, birth year. Here is a link to the vizsla database – where you can look up your vizsla's pedigree. Owning. Related Posts. Puppies available (6th November ).

Here is a link to the pedigree database. In Our Shop. The Hungarian Vizsla Gay Gottlieb book £ Search. Join Us. pin hvc fb hvc. Hungarian Vizslas. Research a Vizsla's pedigree using the following resources. Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla search. Search Exact search.

Try to avoid very common words like "vom", "von", "der", "aus", etc. and stick to the kennel +. Pedigrees. Pedigree Search · Mating outcome · Select your breeds. Random pedigree. Click ancestor to traverse. Double-click to view pedigree page. Explore our list of puppies and rescue dogs for sale near you. Find a Puppy. More information. Girl with dog. Visit us at Discover. Database containing dog pedigrees including thousands of photos. numbers off the Vizsla database, to search the OFA database.

view the pedigree of a test mating, and perform inbreeding calculations and analysis over 8, 9 and 10 generations. search for a prospective sire or dam and. Event Search Find a Puppy Register Your Dog Shop AKC TV Sign In. Breeds A-Z Expert Advice Products & Services Sports & Events Clubs & Delegates. They were told that the pedigree and KC Registration papers were not yet available and would So research is about the breed, its progeny, the breeder.

Vizsla Breed and Puppy Buying Information Vizsla Puppies-Group to help you find a quality breeder! Buying a Vizsla. Vizsla Pedigree Database. Find a Vizsla breeder but first, do your research!

Not all breeders are reputable; not all breeders are quality breeders. ​Vizsla Pedigree Database. Search purebred Ariegeois dogs and puppies for sale. Find many Ariegeois puppies with a pedigree from official breeders in your area.

Directory of quality. Vizsla Database. Vizsla Database. Database containing dog pedigrees including thousands of photos. A place for the community of dog. lone star vizslas They asked that we find a new name more suited to the area in Pedigree Dallas Vizslas - Puppies and Vizsla Rescue, Lancaster, Texas. Although they're purebred dogs, you may find Vizslas in shelters or in the care of rescue groups.

If this is the breed for you, opt to adopt if possible! Find Hungarian Vizsla Dogs and Puppies for stud on Pets4Homes - UK's largest pet classifieds site to buy and Proven Pedigree KC Reg Vizsla Dog for stud. It is the sole responsibility for Breeders to research Pedigree's, Health and Temperament with the Stud Dogs Owners and vice versa. Vizsla Registry.